Poverty Or Skill (Choice is Yours)

Either demolish poverty with education or demolish Yourself with poverty.

Eradicating poverty is one of the biggest challenges facing nations around the world and is number one on the list of sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. The discussion on the war on poverty will remain incomplete unless we discuss the impact education can have on poverty reduction. Almost all experts agree that the education and its provision is one of the most obvious and effective ways to take millions of households out of poverty across the world, and Pakistan is no different. For starters, access to quality education allows humans in extreme poverty situations to develop skills they need to find better livelihoods and acts as the golden key that can open the doors to prosperity. Even if not ultimate, education remains a key solution that can help reduce poverty. 

The only solution to all our problems (poverty, destitution, unemployment, lawlessness, deprivation) is to get education. The education that a common man has help him not only to be a good citizen but also to provide a good place and position as well as a good and respectable job in the society. The tragedy is that our country’s population is growing rapidly, with a majority of young people, which is welcome for the development of any country, but these young people, deprived of education and skills, have to support the national economy. Rising unemployment is proving to be a burden. Even today, millions of children are deprived of primary and secondary education.

Education and especially vocational training is an integrated system through which young people are able to earn a decent living and lead a better life. Vocational training brings to the fore the hidden talents of human beings, so that they can live an economically prosperous life. Weversity.org strives to achieve these noble goals that not only provides free education but also respectable way of earning and living under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Also provides help people looking for respectable employment opportunities.

Once a man came to the Prophet Muhammad and Began to beg The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Go and bring whatever is present in your house. He went and after a while he brought a wooden cup and a sheet which was his total capital to the Holy Prophet. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to his companions, ‘Is there anyone who could purchase those things for that companion? ‘A Companion bought those things for two dirhams. Holy Prophet Kareem gave the man two dirhams and said go and Buy rations for his family and buy an axe with 2nd dirham and Come again. When he bought the axe and brought it to Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) wielded the axe himself and handed the axe to the man. He said, “Go and cut wood from the forest and sell it in the market.” And don’t be seen begging again. The man left, and only a short time later he had ten Dharam collected with him. Now he was able to do his own thing and he could meet the needs of his family.

How Skill-Based education Helps demolishing Poverty:

Today’s Axe is Computer Technology.

In the present age, if one has to help, the permanent solution is skill based education. Achieving that which is not only the best interest of our present society but also paves the way for our future generations to thrive. In the present advanced age of computer skills and internet have combined knowledge of the whole world into one jar. That is why it has become imperative for us that we belong to the present age. It is only when we meet the requirements that we become fully versed in computer, internet and related skills and abilities that we will be able to join the race for development. In pursuit of this mission, WeVersity.org is moving towards a noble cause. All over the world No one in poverty alleviation, education and generalization of skills continuing its compensation efforts.

A 4 year degree with no job or a 4 month skill based education with certified job opportunity. (choice is yours).

What is education “degree or a skill”?

As stated above, the Holy Prophet (SWS) Said centuries ago that “education is something you learn from”. Learn and change your life and the lives of others. If a student completes his education in 16 to 18 years and has no skills, so that he can learn to earn a decent living by earning It’s a good idea to be able to live comfortably, but one Not a good skill. Unfortunately, in the Pakistani system, unlike skill and art, there is a lot of degree Programs, more importance is given to them. From which it becomes difficult for a common man to get employment and he have to face a lot of problems. That is why there is a difference between Western education system and our education system.

How does WeVersity.org help teach skills courses?

Weversity.org is a social welfare organization aimed at people to make education popular. This organization provides free education and training as well. It also teaches advanced skills based courses, small business ideas and various software and technical skills. After learning, people should be able to find employment. They do not have to face difficulties and they can get a decent job so that they can improve their life and also contribute to the development of the country. In fact, the education system of Pakistan is better in terms of teaching but experimentally and technically the world is far behind. The main reason is skills, crafts or arts is also not taught. Importance of computer skills and software skills in modern advanced age is much more than a degree.

WeVersity.org has launched courses for millions of people in Pakistan who are unemployed despite being educated, including both men and women. You can earn a good amount of money on a monthly basis. You can access all these courses through this link.

Go to the link:  https://weversity.org/courses

Establishment of Skill Schools across the country

Skill School System is the only schooling system in Pakistan through which online reading and teaching is done. It is a unique school in the history of Pakistan through which a teacher teaches children sitting in every corner of the country at a time through online projector system and its popularity in Pakistan has increased immensely. At Skill School, any child can easily register themselves and learn the subjects and courses they want at home.

Skill School is a project of WeVersity.org which provides absolutely free services in orphanages, children of madrassas, slums and only those who can afford it are charged. This school works just like the private or government school in our area, the only difference is that the children have to go to school and this school adorns you with knowledge like ornaments on the doorstep. This school also passes or fails at the end of the session based on the examinations and the result. If you too are concerned for a better future for your children, enroll your children now at WeVersity skill school and get an education at home.

Go to the link: https://weversity.org/stem/

Assistance and guidance in obtaining decent employment

If resources are used to educate the youth, poverty and unemployment can be eradicated from the country. And this is the mission of WeVersity.org and it is the only welfare organization that believes in giving people decent jobs instead of giving them flour, sugar, lentils and rice. You can buy it yourself. There is an example in Chinese that don’t give a man a fish but teach him to catch a fish. With this in mind, WeVersity.org has launched its own unique online job creation website called WeJob.org.

This platform for students to employers directly through WeJob.org. It will also help in getting services.WeJob.org is a non-profit freelancing site on which you can not only find your favorite online job after registering yourself but also get project work without binding yourself. You can only earn money on WeJob.org unless you specialize in one of the skills.

As WeJob.org is a non-profit organization, it does not charge you a penny for your work. Money is transferred to you (excluding any transfer charges). You’ve probably never heard of an organization or platform that offers free skills-based education as well as employment. Visit our website now and get the job you want.

Go to the link: https://www.wejob.org/

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