Initiative for disrupting youth unemployment with skills .

Objectives of Organization:

  1. To prevent youth unemployment and integrate youth into jobs through skill development, close attendance and support.
  2. Free education and training.
  3. Free skills courses and mentoring.
  4. Establishment of free computer libraries.
  5. Establishment of Stem Schools throughout the country.
  6. Assistance and guidance in obtaining decent employment.
  7. Help via laptop / computers.

Overview & Main Activities: is a non-profit organization that is working from leaps and bounds not only to flourish itself but to provide opportunities to thousands of people who are jobless and unable to earn for their belongings and livings. WeJob.Org has demolished the root cause of poverty that is unemployment by providing an online service marketplace to the people so that they may start their earnings from the premises of their homes. is the best freelancing website for the beginners and the best platform to hire the freelancers so that they may start their work and earning. 

1. Assistance and guidance in obtaining decent employment

If resources are used to educate the youth, poverty and unemployment can be eradicated from the country. And this is the mission of and it is the only welfare organization that believes in giving people decent jobs instead of giving them flour, sugar, lentils and rice. You can buy it yourself. There is an example in Chinese that don’t give a man a fish but teach him to catch a fish. With this in mind, has launched its own unique online job creation website called
This platform for students to employers directly through It will also help in getting is a non-profit freelancing site on which you can not only find your favorite online job after registering yourself but also get project work without binding yourself. You can only earn money on unless you specialize in one of the skills.
As is a non-profit organization, it does not charge you a penny for your work. Money is transferred to you (excluding any transfer charges). You’ve probably never heard of an organization or platform that offers free skills-based education as well as employment. Visit our website now and get the job you want.
Go to the link:

Head-Office WeVersity/WeJob.Org in Faisalabad

2. Help via Laptops / Computers: is also working on a working model through which we are assisting students through laptops and computers we will rent them to our most deserving students for free.

3. Providing Free Training Internships to Deserving Students

Whether you’re passionate about computer learning, coding, data analysis, Internet of Things, virtual reality, e-learning or software development – our free of cost Computer Science internships are customized for students, graduates and young professionals to meet specific career goals or academic requirements. We offer computer skill internships for those who want to combine experiential learning with an national and international adventure, as well as remote Computer Science internships for those who prefer the flexibility and freedom of working from home and choosing their own hours.

Want to kickstart your global career with a Computer Science internship? Join Now WeJob.Org

Trained/Deserving Internees working in the office

Success Factors of WeJob.Org

  • Qualified Staff Members.
  • Employment at first priority .
  • A Good Board of Management.
  • A Clear Concise Mission Statement.
  • Filling a Need.
  • Public Relations and Sales & Marketing.
  • A Strong Supportive Volunteer Base.

Challenges of WeJob.Org

  1. Fixing Financial Concerns
  2. Maintaining Credibility for both sellers & buyers
  3. Membership recruitment and retention.
  4. Staffing and volunteers.
  5. Firm Decision Making
  6. Fulfilling Technological Requirement

About the Organization

  1. Website:
  2. Address Head-Office in A.K Tower, 2nd Floor Behind Shell Petrol Pump, Millat Town, Faisalabad.
  3. Email @:
  4. Contact/WhatsApp at: +1 973-685-6557

For Further Engagement

  1. Contact Name: Shahbaz Mirza
  2. Contact Designation: C.E.O/Managing Director at WeJob.Org
  3. Contact
  4. Contact Number:0302-7666928

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