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About This Gig

Do you feel stuck and don't know how to continue developing your business or start-up? Do you feel that you have tried everything you can think of and your business is not progressing the way you think it should? Or maybe you have a (recurring) problem that you cannot seem to solve once and for all?

Do not worry! Every business owner feels like this at some point. Here is where I can help! With over 9 years worth of experience in coaching, mentoring, teaching, and investing in companies - I had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and managed to help them when they needed most. For more info, check the FAQ!

Some of the areas I can help with:

> Strategic management

> Business planning and development

> Market and market segmentation

> Scalability

> Pricing strategy

> Process optimization and automation

> Development of organizational cultures

> Change management

> Digitalization

> Technological assessment

> AI & autonomous systems

> Societal changes and implications

My specialty is technology-based companies, as well as fintech, environmental and high-growth, scalable businesses.


Gig Package Details

  • business development plans
  • Market Growth Strategy
  • Viral Marketing ideas
  • Funding campaigns

Key Points

  • Payroll
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • People Management Resourcing & Placements
  • Employer Branding Training & Development
  • Recruitment/ job descriptions/ hiring
  • On-boarding/ documentation/ handbooks
  • Employee relations/ conflict resolutions
  • Workforce management/ talent management/ performance
  • Learning & Development/ mentoring/ coaching
  • Change management and organisational development/ analytics

Price: $35

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  • "Vedio Editing"
  • "Vedio Casting"
  • "Photos Editing"
  • "Poster/Flyer's/Thumbnail Design"
  • "Voice Over"
  • "Script Writing"
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Name: Ayesha Kalim - USA

Email: ayesha@innovative-edu.com


Certified Teacher and Trainer with 35+ Years of Experience.

I am passionate and ambitious to serve education to transform ordinary individuals into extraordinary performers, because I believe education is the only medium and holds the capacity to cater this change.

I take education as a tool to touch lives for a better tomorrow. As a change agent, I love to counsel and mentor people. Furthermore, as an instructor in digital-age learning environment, I apply my skills to create highly interactive learning platforms for my audience in the form of designing instructional programs, courses, and training sessions.