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Sohrab Gul

$2 Per hour only

Lahore, Punjab


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Exams Cleared:

  • "English"
  • "Social Responsibilities & Ethics"
  • "Image Editing"
Hi, My name is Sohrab Gul. I will edit picture, landscape photo retouching, travel image editing


  • "Vedio Editing"
  • "Vedio Casting"
  • "Photos Editing"
  • "Poster/Flyer's/Thumbnail Design"
  • "Voice Over"
  • "Script Writing"

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Image Link Details Hi, My name is Gul and I'm very Professional in "Vedio Editing"Social Media Marketing" and "Personal Virtual Companion". My mission is to bringing socially isolated individuals joy through music, service, arts and the religious beliefs.If you hire me, I will perform the work as per your expectations. I have been in this business for few years. My work is guaranteed. You won't be disappointed.
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Profile Type Video Editing

Hi! I'm Gul, a Videographer/Editor and Motion Graphic Designer. With over 1 year of strong experience in capturing, editing and producing professional

Virtual Care for Patients

Hi! I'm Sohrab Gul, a Professional, Talented and Experienced Virtual Companion. With over 1 year of strong experience in Virtual Companionship Job.

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Hourly - Pay by the Hour $2 /Hour
$1 /Hour