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Umer Farooq

$10 Per hour only

Faisalabad, Punjab


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Exams Cleared:

  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
My name is Umer Farooq and I am a WordPress developer. I’ve been building websites for years. I started developing sites with WordPress and I have turned it into a full-time career with clients. While I am capable of building sites outside of WordPress, I prefer not to WordPress offers just about everything a developer and a client could want in a website From a customer service standpoint, I offer my services at competitive rates based upon your budget.


  • php
  • wordpress

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Profile Type WordPress Web Development

wordpress is a cms and high quality web are possible to develop with it.

Testing & Usability

A Brief Summary of My Skills in SQA. Testing Types, I occupy* Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing Sanity Testing Smoke Testing Interface

Hire on Weekly Basis $250 /Week $10 /Week
Hire on Semi-Monthly Basis $250 /Half Month $15 /Half Month
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$10 /Hour
Retainer: $10