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I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you. I'm a professional Daraz virtual assistant. For your Daraz Shop, I can look for a profitable product that will help you expand your company.





I will conduct research on the most popular search phrases associated with the type of your goods, strategically use those terms throughout the listing, and write the title, bullet points, and description in a way that is SEO-driven, which will benefit Daraz and other search engines.




I'll handle every aspect of your account. I will create profitable and successful items by hand for you. I'm looking forward to working with you and want to establish a long-lasting business connection.


  • Daraz Store creation
  • Daraz listing
  • Daraz seo
  • Store optimization
  • Store ranking
  • product ranking

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  • I will be your Daraz Virtual Assistant for 1 week



  • I will be your Daraz Virtual Assistant for 2 week



  • I will be your Daraz Virtual Assistant for 1 Month
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Name: Ayesha Kalim - USA

Email: ayesha@innovative-edu.com


Certified Teacher and Trainer with 35+ Years of Experience.

I am passionate and ambitious to serve education to transform ordinary individuals into extraordinary performers, because I believe education is the only medium and holds the capacity to cater this change.

I take education as a tool to touch lives for a better tomorrow. As a change agent, I love to counsel and mentor people. Furthermore, as an instructor in digital-age learning environment, I apply my skills to create highly interactive learning platforms for my audience in the form of designing instructional programs, courses, and training sessions.