Virtual Care for Seniors


Your Loved Ones - Never Be Alone Again

Virtual Companions are Here to Help

A Non-Profit Trying to Make a Difference for Seniors is a not for profit organization and we are here to help your seniors live a better life by connecting them to those who need a  job and have a passion to help seniors. 


Your Dedicated Virtual Assistant and Virtual Care Aide




Live Care 

Constant Live Engagement throughout the day and night. Your loved ones will always have the comfort of having their own companion with them even if they have another person physically assisting them.

Entertainment & Fun

Companions will professionally entertain your loved ones by reading newspapers & books of their choices, singing and watching TV, playing live trivia games, and simply by talking to them.


Brain Wellness

Companions constantly engage seniors in brain engaging exercises. Companions are trained to perform activities that keep seniors mentally active e.g. by asking them simple daily questions e.g. how was your day, what did you do throughout the day, what did you eat, how was your food etc. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are quite common as our loved one's age. Virtual aides talk with seniors about their loved ones e.g. please tell me how many sons and daughters you have, how many grandchildren you have, what are their names, what was the last activity you did with them etc. Families provide their updated photos through our online platform and virtual aides show those pictures to seniors and talk about their family members to keep them mentally active and sharp. We try our level best to perform as many daily activities as seniors allow and try to keep them mentally active. 

Medication Reminders 

Companions help seniors choose good food choices, remind them of taking medications on time, help them on going to sleep and wake up on time, be available for them and monitor their well-being and health

Physical Wellness

Companions help seniors perform physical exercises and encourage them to be physically active each day e.g. virtual yoga or breathing exercises, walking with care, daily changing into nice and clean dresses each day. 


Sleep with Peace

This is a very common issue that seniors do not feel comfortable at night as they feel alone, scared and thus do not feel at peace while sleeping. Some seniors can start walking and can fall at night while some unintentionally and in panic start calling their family members names. We all love our elderly members but it becomes very difficult for families to give company to their seniors at night. Another option is to have a physical aide at home but most families are unable to afford this option. Virtual companions are the best possible solution here as companions are connected to seniors throughout the night through our auto-answer feature on Alexa tablets. Seniors call every 10 to 15 minutes and are able to see if seniors are sleeping or trying to wake up. Companions watch seniors throughout the night when they are trying to sleep so the seniors never feel alone and sleep with peace and comfort. When a senior tries to wake up at night, a virtual aide immediately engages and starts talking which gives a lot of comfort to the senior. Virtual aides are also able to open the lights in the room through Alexa by simply giving verbal commands "Alexa turn the light on or off". Based on our experience, senior gets tired after talking few minutes at night and goes back to sleep. In short, virtual companions are the best option for seniors to sleep at peace at night. Seniors feel relaxed and at comfort, while sleeping, and their families cannot thank our senior aides enough as they are able to sleep too. 


Daily and Weekly Shopping (Your Own Personal Shopper)

Your Virtual Companion (VC) will act as your personal shopper who will not only order and track your purchases but will also search around the best prices for you. If you need anything to buy, just mention it to your personal shopper who will get the best deal for you and will also place an order for you. Virtual Companions take a training course on how to find the best deals for their clients.

From daily groceries to all the way to big-ticket items, your Virtual Care Assistant will search, get the best deal, buy and track every purchase.

We buy from any store of your choice but recommend the following:

 * Walmart ($35 and above – free shipping)

* Amazon (free shipping on all orders with prime membership. If you have Medicaid or EBT, prime membership is only $6.99 per month)

Daily Reminders

Your Virtual Companion (VC) will track all your daily schedule, will create appointments for you, and will remind you of those appointments on time e.g. if you eat fruit at 11:00 am, take a nap at 2:00 pm, take tea at 4:00 pm, etc.

Scheduling and Assisting with Weekly Appointments

Your Virtual Companion (VC) will make all your appointments, will create a calendar for the appointments, and will remind you about the appointments. In addition, they can accompany you virtually throughout your appointment and remind you of small but important things e.g. did you take your medications with you, insurance card, etc.?

Recording Blood Sugar and Other Daily Readings for Your Doctors etc

Your Virtual Companion will record daily blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. as per your doctor’s requirements so when you go to your next appointment, all the readings are ready to be reviewed.

Booking & Arranging Travel

Your Virtual Companion (VC) is your travel agent too. You need to find the best deals for your upcoming travel, just ask your VC and get the best deal as per your needs. VC will not only search and find the best deal but also will reserve it for you and will add to your reminders.


No need to take pictures of your receipts or recording and entering them yourselves. Your Virtual Companion will keep records of all your expenses on daily basis. Just verbally give out your today’s expenses to your Virtual Companion who will record and keep full track of your spendings, taxes, insurance, and other expenses.






Do you like to work from home and help a senior? Take our 2 weeks course on "How to Become a Virtual Companion". This course is 100% free and will train you on how to become a virtual companion and serve seniors from the comfort of your home. This course is offered by our non-profit free education site To access this course, please click on 100% Free Course on "Become a Virtual Companion Course"