I will do transcription and translation of advertising, PR, marketing to Swahili

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About This Gig

I have worked with many creative marketing and advertising companies providing Swahili language versions of adverts, strap lines/end lines, tag lines, concepts, posters, brochures, slogans, online content, tv scripts, and radio scripts. My task is to deliver the message irrespective of language and culture.


Swahili Translation of advertising, PR, and marketing material, If required, I will provide a faithful translation of the source copy. During this process, of course, I will take into account localization and cultural factors to ensure the material is just as appropriate to its new audience as it was to its original audience.


My Swahili translators' experience in this sector means you will be able to use marketing material as effectively in the Swahili language as it is in the original language.


Gig Package Details

  • 300 words translation in 5$
  • 600 words translation in 10$
  • 1000 words translation in 15$

Key Points

  • Faster deliveries
  • Accuracy is a key attribute
  • I have a good attitude and am a good communicator hence easy to work with me

Price: $5

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  • google ads
  • instagram ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Twitter ads
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Name: Muhammad Kashif

Email: markdigitalmarketing114@gmail.com


I am Social Media Marketing Manager