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Muhammad Hamza Naveed

$5 Per hour only

Faisalabad, Punjab


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Exams Cleared:

  • English
  • Ethics
  • E-commerce
Greetings! My is Hamza Naveed. I am a virtual assistant, freelancer and I am great in verbal communication skills. I have a strong organizational and time management skills not only that but also proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite with excellent written and verbal communication skills and also have skills with platforms such as Amazon, eBay , projects or assigned work before deadline is my first and foremost priority. Satisfying my client is my job.


  • product hunting
  • product sourcing
  • product listing
  • store decoration
  • account creation
  • account handling

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Profile Type Virtual Assistant

Hi! I am Muhammad Hamza Naveed. I am virtual assistant. I will do my work decently and I will complete my work before deadline

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I have great knowledge over biology subject. I will assist you with my upmost knowledge.

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