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Alisha siddiqui

$6-7 Per hour only

hyderabad, sindh


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Exams Cleared:

  • Ms office
  • DCBM
  • Data entry
Hellow asslamoalaikum. first of all thanku for giving me this oportunity to introduce my self iam alisha siddiqui i live in hyderabad i did my graduation in B com from sindh university my strenghth are in self motivated hard working and deciplined person. my short term goals is t get a job in a reputed office working i have a demamd in MS offfice DCBM and video editing....


  • Ms office
  • DCBM
  • Data entry

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Profile Type Data Entry

data entry is a job where an emploee input data in to a computer from other non- electric from of data

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