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Join WeJob.Org as Buyer:

How to Create Account on WeJob.Org:

Step 1: Go to Website Via Link: http://wejob.org/

Step 2: Click on Join as Buyer and create a Buyer account. In order to fulfill this you have to complete all the steps to join WeVersity.Org then you will be automatically able to login directly without creating any seller account and you have to just login with same credentials that you logged onto WeVersity.Org.

Step 3: Click on Login and add credentials that you previously added on WeVersity.Org to register yourself.

Step 4:An interface will appear where you have to click on Profile on the top left corner and have to fill all the mentioned detail’s columns.

Step 5: Click on Account to complete your profile details.

Step 6: Complete your Profile by adding all required details.

Step 7: Find out the best Graphic designer for yourself from the customized gigs.

Step 8: Contact to Seller after reading all seller services of your choice.

Step 9: Hire your seller and purchase projects at reasonable projects.

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