“Crises Create Opportunities”.(Bruce Rauner)

Developing Employment skills

Efforts WeVersity.Org is making in abolishing illiteracy .

The Difference WeVersity.Org is making in abolishing illiteracy as non-profit Organization .
Every Success story starts with Literature.

In today’s modern age, education is taught in different ways and in different ways. As stated above, the Holy Prophet (SWS) Said centuries ago that education is something you learn from. Learn and change your life and the lives of others. If a servant completes his education in 16 to 18 years and has no skills So that he can learn to earn a decent living by earning and It’s a good idea to be able to live comfortably, but one Not a good skill. Unfortunately, in the Pakistani system, unlike skill and art, there is a lot of degree Programs more importance is given to them. From which it becomes difficult for a common man to get employment and he have to face a lot of problems. That is why there is a difference between Western education system and our education system.

Completion of 1st Step towards Skill based

Success Factors of WeVersity.Org

Challenges of WeVersity.Org

  1. Fixing Financial Concerns
  2. Maintaining Credibility for both students & teachers
  3. Membership recruitment and retention.
  4. Staffing and volunteers.
  5. Firm Decision Making
  6. Fulfilling Technological Requirement

About the Organization

How to become Part of WeVersity.Org?

  1. Click here to the Link on go to the main Website Interface. https://www.weversity.org/
  2. Register yourself as a Student.
  3. Click on Popular Courses and choose the course of your interest and start learning.
  4. After taking up the course register yourself to take exam.
  5.  Two exams of business English and business Ethics are mandatory to attempt and also attempt the exam of your respective course.
  6. After Attempting exams immediately inform us and contact us at 0321-6302762 Tehreem Tariq 0301-9787732 Sohrab gul7. In the very last step join WhatsApp group of WeJob.Org via Link https://chat.whatsapp.com/GGWGOnqeC11Ka6pFfCZeOn from where your Journey of earning and success will start.

For Further Engagement

  1. Contact Name: Shahbaz Mirza
  2. Contact Designation: C.E.O/Managing Director at WeJob.Org
  3. Contact Email:mgt@weversity.org
  4. Contact Number:0302-7666928

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